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Welcome to Catherine Marcadier-Saflix our new SRP member

We are welcoming our newest member to the MATUROLIFE Stakeholder Representative Panel: Catherine Marcadier-Saflix!

The Stakeholder Representative Panel consists of experts in the field and guides and support MATUROLIFE’s work along the project timeline. As the creator of En Mode Création(s), a consulting agency with the mission to convince the fashion world to give the importance they deserve to consumers over fifty-five years old, Catherine will be a great addition to our MATUROLIFE panel.

Catherine Marcadier-Saflix has been interested in the fashion and luxury sector for a very long time. As economist and futurist at the University of Paris-Dauphine, she has devoted her final theses to this subject.

Before founding En Mode Création(s), she devoted a large part of her career to the socio-economic evaluation of public policies. As a scientific advisor at the General Planning Commission, she worked on a prospective report on institutions housing dependent older people. It was at that time that she began to integrate the full social and economic dimension of ageing.

Catherine Marcadier-Saflix then worked in the Office of the Minister of Health and Solidarity as an advisor and head of the Disability Unit responsible for implementing the disability law adopted in 2005. She continued her career at the Office of the Minister of Labour and Solidarity dealing with transversal issues related to disability and dependency.

Spending time abroad in Italy and Greece, she was the social politics advisor at the French Embassy in Rome and then in Athens, and developed a personal project around fashion and lifestyle.

From 2015 to 2017 Catherine Marcadier-Saflix was the general manager of France Silver Eco, the structure in charge of coordinating the emerging Silver economy sector. Motivated by the socio-economic challenges of society’s adaptation to ageing, she sees a big opportunity using fashion to talk about ageing in a different way.

MATUROLIFE is happy to have Catherine Marcadier-Saflix on board and discuss our fashionable assistive technology concepts with her.