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Stakeholder Representative Panel

The Maturolife consortium has established a Stakeholder Representative Panel (SRP) which will guide and support its work along the project timeline. It is taking the role of a critical friend in the areas of:

  • Co-creation/iteration processes and concepts
  • Shaping design and product development
  • Concrete product feedback
  • Shaping market impact

The SRP consists of experts in the fields of: older persons, gender, formal/informal care giving, commercialisation, social gerontology, health service providers, industrial design and French Plating. The main objective of the panel is to provide independent external feedback for the major project milestones and results and will therefore be consulted on a regular basis.

The SRP is managed by partner AGE Platform.

The first virtual meeting of SRP was held through the conference call on November 28th 2018

Members of SRP are :