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Interview with Axel Négré, CEO of BERTIN AUBERT (BAI), Paris, France

  • Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I have been a gilder and plater for 38 years, since 1996 at Bertin Aubert and its subsidiary ARTE, and previously with TSEP plating company. I have spent more than 3 decades in the world of technical coating for both space and electronic industries, as well as for luxury goods such as jewelry and leather accessories. My union activities enabled me to meet and work with various stakeholders from  both R&D and crafts

I have chaired the Applied Industries of Crafts (IAMA), been administrator of the French Plating association (UITS), Vice-President of the Jewelry Union (BOCI) and I am now a member of the selection commission of the Living Heritage Company (EPV), of which BAI is a proud member.

  • What is your role in the MATUROLIFE project?

As a partner in the work package for Industrial Scalability (WP8) my role is to coordinate upstream and downstream actions required to set up the pilot plant where BAI will test and characterize the coating on fibers for their connectivity and functionality.

  • What makes the MATUROLIFE-project innovative in your view?

The obvious innovation and quite new to us, is the presence of design, having an upstream role in gathering support  for connected products, to avoid the stigmatization of wearers and to facilitate their acceptance by the target audience.

  • What are the next steps for you in the project?

The immediate next step will be to reconcile and take into account the different discussions that occurred in our Work Package. We will combine the requests and technical data, designing, implementing, and building the pilot plant at BAI, together with training employees in charge of the R&D department.