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Interview with Sergio MAYO MACIAS (ITAINNOVA)

  • Can you tell me a little bit about yourself ?

I’ve been always working in innovation and technological environments, and at ITAINNOVA since 2006. Working with people (better than with computers 😉 and taking advantage of technology for improving lifes, is so rewarding! I love travelling, running, doing both together and spending time with my son.

  • What was your role in the MATUROLIFE project?

ITAINNOVA is WP6 leader, in charge of prototypes development. This is the continuance and materialization of many others WPs efforts, which is really challenging. Also, I was leading the technical management team, role that let me have a broad and deep view of technical issues in every project task.

  • What were key insights you gained from the co-creation aspect ?

Co-creation and working with designers is really a enriching process, but the main lesson I learnt is not to put constraints to products/services at the beginning of the process, but let the best possible product or service to arise, and then to shape it with requirements, constraints, etc.

  • What makes the MATUROLIFE-project innovative in your view?

Besides than the innovation of the results of the project (new metallised textiles for assistive technologies), it should be noted the whole design process followed in the project, which indeed was awarded in the DMI DVA 2019.

  • What is your feeling as you leave the project, and do you have you any advice to give?

I felt sad for leaving the project, it’s been great to share time and work with really amazing people… but I am also pretty sure that we’ll keep in touch. I am confident about the success of the project, and the only advice that I can share is to keep on being focused in the project goals and to put in value all the results.