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Emo design (Italy; in an international award-winning design consultancy founded by Lukasz Bertoli and Carlo Ciciliot in 2008. It is comprised of a team of experienced specialists that have gained strong expertise within the creative industry at an international level. The studio develops a variety of projects in different field focusing on a market-oriented approach able to use design research and creative expression as strategic tools for its clients. It works with the potential or existing value system of a company to create solutions aimed accurately at a specific market, allowing its clients to differentiate their offers from those of their competitors. The approach to each project is driven by in-depth research into the behaviour, desires and needs of the final user/consumer. Emo design believes that a proper use of the “design tool” provides a clear competitive advantage for the company while products get a clear and credible positioning.

Emo design worked in many different market fields as street lighting & furniture, heating & conditioning, kitchen accessories & appliances, bathroom & sanitaries, electronics. It was awarded with Idot 2009 with 75 (watch for Lorenz), If Product Design Award 2010 with Toba (pellet stove for MCZ), If Product Design Award 2011 with Edge and Multicanale (remote controls for Telcoma), Red Dot Design Award 2014 with Drop (street light for Rosa), Dobry Wzór 2014 with Drop (street light for Rosa), Iconic Awards 2015 with Mizu and Fuji (washbasins for Scarabeo Ceramiche), China Good Design Award 2015 with Mizu (washbasin for Scarabeo Ceramiche), Design Plus 2015 with Mizu (washbasin for Scarabeo Ceramiche), A’ Design Award 2015 with Fuji (washbasin for Scarabeo Ceramiche), German Design Award 2016 Special Mention with Mizu (washbasin for Scarabeo Ceramiche), iF Product Design Award 2017 with Hung (washbasin for Scarabeo Ceramiche).