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BAI – Bertin Aubert Industrie

Installed in the heart of Paris’ 10th arrondissement, the company Bertin Aubert is specialized since 1936 in treatments and finishes by electrolysis for the world of decoration, musical instruments, or jewellery or industry such as electronics and aeronautics. Our team of specialized technicians is working with different materials such as brass, aluminium, steel, silver, bronze etc. and who can make all kinds of plating precious metal vermilion, gold, silver, ruthenium, palladium, chrome etc. Our industries department for which different workshops realize traditional treatments following customer specifications (base metals chromium, nickel, tin alloy, pure and precious metals technology) is intended for OEMs in aerospace, advanced electronics and also medical industries.

Our department can provide multiple types of plating methods, best suited to our customer’s needs, including:

  • technical thin coating
  • decoration
  • technical thick coating
  • gilding
  • vermilion
  • silvering
  • nickel sulfamate
  • bright Chrome
  • black Chrome
  • pure Tin  90/10 tin lead

In addition to our applications and plating for industry, we offer plating of materials for decoration and aesthetics. The company is permanently seeking innovative processes, alternative solutions, and has been labelled by the French Government an EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) for its know-how, creation and innovation in the respect of tradition, as well as in prospective future and international issues. The decoration department offers thick deposits dyed gold, palladium, ruthenium and silver; for the world of jewelry, writing, music instruments, luxury leather goods, champagne and spirits , but also costume jewelry and object for events (trophies, coins, medals etc.). Major brands and fashion houses use the skills of Bertin Aubert on their prototypes and series of accessories for their fashion shows and collections.

A workshop is also dedicated to the renovation of old materials; established in 2008 it meets the requirements sometimes unique pieces both for donors of French and foreign orders.

  • electrodeposition
  • Gilding standardized 0.5N , 1N14 , 2N18, 3N and 5N
  • 18K / 22K / 23K / 24K gold plating finish
  • champagne or pink hue coating colours
  • gilding
  • plating
  • vermilion
  • palladium, ruthenium, and silver plating
  • barrel plating

(Coating in accordance with European directives “Free Nickel”)