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CALZADOS PITILLOS S.A. is a footwear manufacturing company that belongs to the business group GRUPO PITILLOS, created in Arnedo (La Rioja) by Juan Antonio Hernández in 1981 in a small familiar workshop, which with a very broad vision of the future strengthened the company in the footwear market. Thus, he started in the workshop serygraphing ‘Naranjito’ during 1982 Football World Cup, to become the first producer of Spanish footwear.

Since the beginning, Grupo Pitillos does not cease in its endeavour to offer the maximum comfort to the feet and always with a single objective: to dress the most demanding feet with a high-quality, innovatively designed product made from natural materials. All Pitillos shoes are characterized by fitting the toughest feet with a product of great quality and avant-garde design.

Pitillos’ legacy dates back to the early 19th century when peasant farmers manufactured their first hard wearing shoe for the field. Over the years, the strength of these shoes was combined with improvements in comfort and design, which led Arnedo to the highest position regarding production, creation and veneration of the beloved shoe.

Through the union of craftsmanship and technology Pitillos has created a shoe that reflects a way of thinking: combining comfort and functionality with contemporary design. The attention to the most artisanal detail, integrated in the mechanical part of the production process (all on an 8000 m² site). A shoe that was originally intended for women’s and ladies’ feet that has evolved in both its intentions and thinking, currently dressing 3 different generations. Elegant indulgence enjoyed by various generations with three different lines presented by our brand: Blanco & Negro (reinventing the focus of design, 1994), Silvia Hernández (footwear for younger women, 2000) and Ricardo Hernández (own brand shoe for men, 2003).

Quality, comfort, style, a wide collection of shoes and an affordable price are the hallmarks of the brand, which is entirely manufactured in Spain. As of today, it has a turnover of 28 million euros per year, has sold more than 1.8 million shoes in Spain in 2015 and has more than 3,000 points of sale. The comfort shoes firm has currently 250 models manufactured combining craft production and cutting-edge technology.

Its current staff of 47 employees throw their energy and passion into the manufacture of shoes looking for the elegance, style and comfort that each consumer desires. The Pitillos design team highlights due to the fact that is made up of ten people led by the renowned Fernando Terroba, ex-designer of the luxury firm Stuart Weitzman, creator of the one million euro sandal.

The commercial capacity of Grupo Pitillos stands out from the national, European and international point of view. Currently, Pitillos makes available to the public, mainly female, about 250 models of handmade and technologically avant-garde footwear, which could be found in more than 3,000 nationwide points of sale.