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Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón – ITAINNOVA

Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (ITAINNOVA) is a non-profit technology centre whose main objective is to promote competitiveness in the industrial sector by means of the development, acquisition, adaptation and transfer of innovative technologies. ITAINNOVA offers its services with a clear market orientation, providing real and innovative solutions from its lines of research and development, which transform and accelerate the technological processes of companies or new challenges in our society. The staff is composed of 215 employees, of which 81 are women and 37 hold a PhD degree. ITAINNOVA is structured into different technological areas: Materials & Components, Mechatronics & Robotics, Power Electronics, Industrial Processes, Logistics, Software Engineering and Multimedia technologies.

Within the Industrial Processes division, the CPS & Data Analytics Group is a team with different backgrounds in industrial electronics and communications. The goal of this team is the development of methodologies and the creation of knowledge to design and develop advanced electronic systems using the latest technologies in embedded systems, communications and sensor systems. Most of these systems are devices designed for the Industrial Internet of Things, with applications in Industrial Processes, like logistics and manufacturing, but also electronics for critical applications in the Health and Transportation sectors. The team has expertise in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Indoor and outdoor Positioning Systems (IPS, GPS), embedded systems, and advanced electronic prototyping.

The Software Engineering Group aims at the research and development of new innovative Artificial Intelligent Quality Software solutions. This group has specialized knowledge of information processing (analytics) and intensive application of Big Data platforms. Our main areas of expertise are the application of new data processing technologies, standardized data definition and exchange (Ontology based), the use of semantic technologies to allow a correct interoperability between systems and to represent information, user profiling, knowledge discovery from unstructured information sources, recommendation systems, natural language processing and artificial intelligence and Big Data technologies in general.