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Sensing Tex S.L.

Sensing Tex is a technology-based company, with a completely holistic approach, with a high international profile and market orientation.

The company is highly dynamic and innovative managed by a multidisciplinary team. Its technology is completely sustainable and competitive in an industry such as the Printed Electronics and the e-Textiles with very good future prospects.

The technology is based mainly on the application and use of printed inks on Large Area textile substrates (MATs), so called the Technologies. International patents protect already our Technologies. Sensing Tex’ Technologies can be integrated into any type of fabric. It is very important that materials can be applied using completely standard textile techniques: printing, coating and/or impregnating in order to retain the original properties of the fabric: washable, flexible, stretchable, wearable, etc.

The company works with companies and brands throughout the world that are willing to innovate and helps them to improve their products by integrating its smart textile pressure sensors and connecting them to the Internet of Things. Pressure sensor mats are a combination of elastic, breathable, large area pressure mapping sensors, and they can be used to measure body movement, balance distribution, different shapes, pressure patterns, impact analysis, postural analysis, exercise count and repetitions, etc.

Sensing Tex comprised the entire process from R&D to Commercialization of Technologies in sectors such as: sports, wellness, health & security among others. Given our broad experience in the field, we offer innovative solutions that allow our clients to reduce time and costs.

Mission: To cautiously analyse customer needs and market trends in order to provide them with new and innovative Pressure Sensing Mat solutions in the field of smart textiles based on printed electronics, thereby creating added value for the consumer.

“We design, create and integrate patented smart textile sensitive Mats solutions in order to make our Customers more Competitive”

Vision: To become a well-established and well-reputed company in the newly explored markets, by constantly innovating and enhancing current products and applications.

This is our goal: “To become a Leader of the Sensing Mats Market with two killer Applications in 2017”