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Innovation Service Network Podjetnisko in Poslovno Svetovanje Doo

Innovation service network s a service and research company in the field of innovation- and knowledge management. The innovation service network is joined by experts in the field of innovation- and knowledge management and cooperates with partners from universities, competence centers and service companies. Based on modern network of knowledge-based organizations by integrating internal and external partners offer “complete solutions from one source”, which covers the activities of search and evaluation to the realization of ideas.

The basic offer consists in addition to counseling and the introduction of innovative methods of management, quality management and knowledge management and guide training, organization of workshops, participation in EU projects, management of patents and intellectual property protection.

ISN company as well as a mother company in Austria (ISN GmbH) is the recipient of numerous awards for innovation and creativity.

ISN closely collaborates with research institutes and has collected a number of applied experiences at SMEs. Innovation services of isn:

  • innovations-Checks
  • development of innovation strategies
  • Crowdfunding , crowdbusiness
  • creativity workshops (e.g. using the TRIZ-method, FMEA, QFD)
  • coaching of innovation projects
  • coaching of start up’s (e.g. developing business plans)
  • coaching of knowledge-management projects
  • temporary innovation manager
  • patent information retrieval
  • patent-management
  • innovation marketing
  • seminars in innovation- and knowledge management
  • intellectual capital statement

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